For your convenience, we've answered the most popular questions we receive from our guests. For more information, please contact the Hotel. (82-2-6900-9300)
NO Subject DATE
1 I would like to extend the period of lodgment. 2017.02.03
2 How can I make payment if I do not have a credit card? 2017.02.03
3 I would like to request for a high-rise accommodation with window, bathtub, etc. 2017.02.03
4 Do you have Lady's floor? 2017.02.03
5 Can I make a reservation and let someone else check in? 2017.02.03
6 Can I check out earlier than what is scheduled? 2017.02.03
7 If I have booked a double room but the number of company has increased. Is it possible to change to a triple or family room? 2017.02.03
8 Can I use any type of credit cards to pay the room charges? 2017.02.03
9 If I reserve for an assignment at check-in, can I specify a desired room type? 2017.02.03
10 I made a reservation, but my card number has been used to make payment before checking 2017.02.03
11 If I make a reservation but fail to check in due to personal reasons, will I be refunded with the room charges? 2017.02.03
12 What should I do to change my reservation such as schedule or room type? 2017.02.03
13 Where can I inquire about cancellation policy? 2017.02.03
14 I have several hotel membership (S club) IDs. I want to combine my mileage. 2017.02.03
15 I would like to learn about hotel membership (S club) and benefits. 2017.02.03